June 2014 Rapid Prompting Method workshop NJ

Jackie Dorshorst is a Speech/Language Pathologist with more than 20 years of experience working with a variety of disabilities. She began her career in the Green Bay School District before working in Milwaukee Public Schools. She has been in the School District of Waukesha for 20 years.

In her years as a Speech/Language Pathologist, Jackie developed a special place in her heart for children with autism. During her search for methods to help those with autism, she met a special boy named Alec. Her adventure with RPM began when Alec’s family invited Jackie to Texas to meet Soma Mukhopadhyay. When Soma introduced RPM to Alec, it was nothing short of magical. Alec communicated his thoughts for the first time in his life. After returning from that trip, Alec’s school life changed because of the dedication o

Jackie DorshorstImage

A workshop consists of the following:

  • Overview of Rapid Prompting Method (RPM).
  • Sharing videos of clients I have worked with. Explaining steps of RPM.
  • Working with students.  The student will be with me in a separate room with a video monitor and staff is in another room watching RPM via SKYPE.  It would be difficult to have the student do RPM in front of all staff in same room.  Time for RPM can range from 20-30 minutes each.  At other workshops, I have had the student’s staff/parents come in the room and other staff/parents watch over SKYPE.
  • Questions/comments after sessions are completed. Could have questions after each student or after all complete.
  • Parent/teacher hands-on training, if requested
  • she can see each student more than once

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About Akhil Autism Foundation

Akhil Autism Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with NJ state. We believe every special child has chosen special parents to make a difference in life. Our strong philosophy is autism is not a brain disorder but is a medical disorder. Every child is unique and requires individualized intervention plan. Parents are the best judges and are the Key players in child’s progress.

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  1. Akhil Autism Foundation

    thank you and it was a great eye opener

  2. Akhil Autism Foundation

    This is the First time my Son and me Attending the RPM Session. It was amazing to see what my Son could do using RPM . This felt for me was a gateway to enter into my Son’s world as I would know more of what he likes and he knows..
    Manisha.. Thank you for arranging this.. I truly appreciate it.

  3. mother of a 6 yr old

    I felt so so happy seeing my son communicate and letting us know about things for the first time and how much he knew. Was above cloud nine. Thank you Jackie. A big thanks to Akhil Autism Foundation for organizing the workshop for the second time. Lot of hard work.
    Thanks so so much.

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