Weekly MNRI Education Portal Series- Aug 27th 2014

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Introduction to MNRI Method
The mission of the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute®   (SMEI) is to provide health, wellness professionals, parents, and caregivers with non-invasive techniques to address maturational, developmental, and life challenges.
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PREVIEW: Shannon Deslites, Brea Maday, Lori Burgess
PREVIEW: Shannon Deslites, Brea Maday, Lori Burgess “MNRI Therapy”


Dr Svetlana Masgutova 

The Masgutova Method®
of Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration has its origins in a different way of thinking


Svetlana Masgutova, Ph. D., a Russian psychologist currently living in Poland and the US, has based her method on the work done from the 1920’s to 1950’s by Russian physiologists I. Pavlov and I. Sechenov: neurophysiologists, A. Uhtomsky, N. Bernstein and P. Anokhin; and psychologist L. Vygotsky.


 What Is A Reflex ?
A reflex, in its simplest definition, is a conscious or unconscious behavior (output) occurring in response to a change (input).
Scientific investigation continues to reveal the subtle complexities of reflexes and how hugely important they are to our ability to exist. It is not surprising, therefore, to find references to reflex action as far back as the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Anaxagorus (500 B.C.) who spoke of a self-organizing nature of the mind’s activity and Plato (400 B.C.) who proposed that sense experiences act to guide assertions about the outside world. 

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Why is Reflex Integration important?

 It has become apparent through the thousands of assessments completed by Dr. Masgutova that as the number of non-integrated primary infant reflexes increase in an individual, the range and severity of motor, communication, and cognitive challenges and emotional and behavioral regulation issues correspondingly increase.

Motor movement reflexes can be categorized according to the number and combination of muscles, joints, and limbs involved in executing a particular motor response. Somatic reflex categories include motor reflex actions, movements, patterns, and schemes. This structural characterization can be applied to all sensorimotor  reflexes whether they are lifelong, primary, innate or acquired.


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Unique Opportunity

An unique opportunity to  meet Dr. Svetlana Masgutova , MNRI®  Team and dedicated parents.
Dr. Masgutova will give an introduction to MNRI®  method for 30 mins and rest one hour will be question and answers.
Parents and professionals please post your questions on
 In collaboration with




Is to prepare parents for the MNRI® family conferences , gain knowledge and practice the reflexes at home. This way the Family Conference or Clinic can become more effective for development of Children and parent’s 

conference in the MNRI®






Manisha M Lad
Founder and Director 
Akhil Autism Foundation

Be a MNRI Parent


Are you a dedicated parent?


Wed Aug 27th 2014
9:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Eastern Standard Time USA


An awesome event that you won’t want to miss out on! http://masgutovamethod.com

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About Akhil Autism Foundation

Akhil Autism Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with NJ state. We believe every special child has chosen special parents to make a difference in life. Our strong philosophy is autism is not a brain disorder but is a medical disorder. Every child is unique and requires individualized intervention plan. Parents are the best judges and are the Key players in child’s progress.

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  1. Hi, thanks so much for having this webinar tonight, it was very informative. We are just starting out with MNRI and desperately need something like this since we have just worked with a practitioner briefly.

    I have 2 questions. During the webinar, it was mentioned a couple of times that there is a handout or file that we should have been following along with? Maybe powerpoint of the presentation? I didn’t find anything like this on either the link provided on the ABM fb page or the website. Can you please direct me to it? are the sessions recorded for playback if we need to re-listen to a specific point?

    Is there anyway I can sign up to get notifications of future webinars. I have been fortunate enough to have listened to both of them but I found out about both through different contacts, indirectly and wouldn’t want to miss subsequent ones that are scheduled. thanks again, so much.

  2. The MNRI session was great! It was a nice review for me. I am a Core Specialist, but I haven’t been able to attend the conferences for a few months, so it is always nice to get into the Drs. mind and have the review – sometimes she adds information that I haven’t heard before, or she will say it in a way that I really get it.
    I am wondering how many people signed up to listen to the webinar and do you know how many people signed up from Alberta, Canada? I think we stated where we were from on the sign-up form if I can recall. It would be interesting for me to know this information.
    Thank you so much for setting this up. Will you be sending out the information on the next webinar or is this on line on the website?
    Best Wishes;

  3. The webinar is wonderful. I learned a lot from it.

    Best regards,

  4. Akhil Autism Foundation

    Hello, my name is Rita Gendelman, and I very much enjoyed the Webinars on September 7th.

    I would like to be notified of any further webinars coming up in the future.

    Thank you,


  5. Akhil Autism Foundation

    Dear Manisha,
    Thank you so much for helping me to participate in the webinar today. I am really enjoying it .
    Can you please keep me posted about any future webinars .
    Thank you,

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