Coseva – Toxin Removal System Webinar April 28th 2015: Dr. Tracey Holdford and Rollin Johnson CFO of Coseva

zeoliteTRS Advancedzeolite-1

Offering an average zeolite size of 0.9 nanometers and an estimated surface area of 4.8 million sq ft per bottle of toxin removal surface area. • No preservatives Suggested Use: Take 2 sprays in the morning and 3 sprays in the evening each day by mouth. Warning: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescription medications consult your physician prior to use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if tamper evident seal is broken. Store at controlled room temperature (59°-86° F). A

Advanced TRS : 28 mL

Reveal your body’s wholeness, realize your mind’s potential.

As a pure manufactured zeolite, the mind-blowing nanotechnology of Advanced TRS provides the most effective toxin removal system of its kind.

Listen : Recording: Advanced TRS with Dr. Holdford  audio

Webinar : Tuesday April 28th 2015 ,  11:00 am – 12:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time zone)

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Lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic have unfortunately found their way into our bodies due to our modern environment.Advanced TRS utilizes zeolite detoxification at the cellular level, by trapping these harmful toxins and removing them from your body. Advanced TRS will help to carry certain nutrients more effectively, balance the pH and boost the immune system. Advanced TRS represents the culmination of Cosēva’s core belief that better wellness has to stand on soild science


Maybe you haven’t heard the term “chelation” before (pronounced key-lay-shun), but that doesn’t mean you don’t do it everyday of your life. Chelation is a process that our bodies do naturally to remove toxins from our cells. This process has served us well for thousands of years, but Mother Nature didn’t see human industrialization coming, and as a result, heavy metals have become more prevalent in our environments and henceforth, in our bodies.

* Because this zeolite is using nanotechnology, it will go anywhere in your body water can.

Advanced TRS is a proprietary manufuctured clioptilolite formula specifically designed to help support the chelation process, removing most toxins from the cellular level better than ever before.


Try our cellular cleanse challenge by following these six steps to improved health:

  1. Greet your day with a morning dose of AdvancedTRS—2 sprays directly under your tongue.
  2. Drink 8 cups of clean water throughout the day to ensure proper cleansing of toxins.
  3. Put some spring in your step (park a little further away, play with the puppy, chase after the kids). Track your daily movement.
  4. Eat to live well. Don’t go nuts (although nuts are good), but small changes can go a long way to creating a much healthier you.
  5. Finish your day with an evening dose of Advanced TRS—3 sprays directly under your tongue. The key is to be consistent.
  6. Sleep. Many people don’t realize that the body is busy cleaning our cells while we rest. Strive to get at least 8 hours a day.


What is a Zeolite?

Zeolites are crystalline, hydrated aluminosilicates of alkali and alkaline earth metals, having infinite, three-dimensional atomic structures. They are further characterized by the ability to lose and gain water reversibly and to exchange certain constituent atoms, also without major change of atomic structure. Along with quartz and feldspar minerals, zeolites are three-dimensional frameworks of silicate (SiO4) tetrahedra in which all four corner oxygen’s of each tetrahedron are shared with adjacent tetrahedra. In zeolite structures, some of the quadri-charged silicon is replaced by triply-charged aluminum, giving rise to a deficiency of positive charge ions.

The charge is balanced by the presence of singly-and doubly-charged atoms, such as sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), and magnesium (Mg2+), elsewhere in the structure. The empirical formula of a zeolite is of the type: M2/nO • Al2O3 • xSiO2 • yH2O, where M is any alkali or alkaline earth atom, n is the charge on that atom, x is a number from 2 to 10, and y is a number from 2 to 7. The chemical formula for Advanced TRS, a common commercially available zeolite is AlMgNaO9Si3.

Mechanism of Action For Advanced TRS, cations (charged metal atoms) are known as structural atoms, because with oxygen they make up the rigid framework of the structure. This is why the form of aluminum in zeolites is completely inert and does not react or release in the body in any way. Sodium and magnesium are known as exchangeable ions, because they can be replaced (exchanged) more or less easily with other cations in aqueous solution, without affecting the aluminosilicate framework. This phenomenon is known as ion exchange, or more commonly cation exchange. The exchange process involves replacing one singly-charged exchangeable atom in the zeolite by one singly-charged atom in a solution or replacing two singly-charged exchangeable atoms in the zeolite by one doubly-charged atom in a solution. The magnitude of such cation exchange in a given zeolite is known as its cation-exchange capacity (CEC) and is commonly measured in terms of moles of exchangeable cation per gram (or 100 grams) of zeolite or in terms of equivalents of exchangeable cations per gram (or 100 grams) of zeolite. While the ratio of exchange for ions is fixed, the effectiveness of cation exchange is directly related to the particle size of the zeolite.

The smaller the zeolite particle is, the greater the available negatively-charged surface area. A large surface area provides a greater ability to attract positively-charged ions for cation exchange.

Listen : Recording-– Advanced TRS with Dr. Holdford  audio

We need questions in advance.

 please submit your questions on the blog or email

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

10 thoughts on “Coseva – Toxin Removal System Webinar April 28th 2015: Dr. Tracey Holdford and Rollin Johnson CFO of Coseva

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  1. What is the difference in Clear TRS & Advanced TRS Zeolite?? No doubt over TRS but there is confusion over both.Moreover is there any proven advantage of Advanced TRS over Clear TRS??

  2. 30. So while detox is assumed (and happening…) what are best measures folks are using to assist… (We were at 1/4 spray fours days and now 1/2 2 days…Actually better on 1/2) thanks!!

  3. I started dosing my son 4 days ago and yesterday he developed a fever, i was not too concerned about it, but today he still has a fever and it totally knocked him out, he is 5 yrs old and he has never been this lethargic, his taking a nap, something he never does, not even at school! Should I be concerned?

  4. I’m really needing to decide which direction I need to go with my son. Do you think it would be best to do a 23andme test before starting Coseva Advanced to make sure that this what we need to work on?

  5. My plan is to try this after I’ve gotten our pans flare from hell tapped down. I tried for a few days and decided that I should wait. It did loosen stools at just one spray? Weird.
    Is there any research saying TRS would actually help stop a PANS flare? I think it would stir things up and make it harder for the flare to stop. Agreed? I think MAST cell issue and exposure to se classroom
    Viruses started this flare off.

  6. i was wondering the same thing. I was going to order Advanced TRS and then i saw Clear TRS….it was my understanding that Advanced TRS crossed the BBB……but Clear TRS is the one being marketed as doing so. Please do tell, what is the difference?

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