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Awesomism: A conscious approach to energetic sensitivities and awareness.

This site is dedicated to the awareness, integration and embodiment of the consciousness that our newest populations are here to offer us!

Regardless if you are working directly with energetically aware children, are energetically sensitive yourself, are attempting to integrate higher aspects of your consciousness or are ready to embody your full mastery, Awesomism may be just that place for you!

Our newest populations offer a great access point into profound self-awareness. They hold energetic information that is beyond what we have experienced, ever!  As we begin to understand them, we gain access to higher aspects of ourselves and as we know ourselves, we can see them for who they really are!

Unlike other supports for self-growth, Awesomism focuses directly on individual and group coherence (wholeness).  In our most coherent state, we are LOVE.  One individual who is coherent within themselves is a powerful agent of change!  A group of coherent individuals, with a common focus, naturally and organically creates that same potential within collective human consciousness.  That literally equates to the collective human experience of LOVE!

We look forward to you adding your energy to this mix!  Feel free to get started right away, by accessing our Free For You information.  Below you will find a variety of access points into Awesomism.  Enjoy!

Big Love and Blessings,


DATE: Jun 10, 2016
TIME: 11:00 AM PST 

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