Ask Suzy Miller

Awesomism: A conscious approach to energetic sensitivities and awareness.

This site is dedicated to the awareness, integration and embodiment of the consciousness that our newest populations are here to offer us!

Regardless if you are working directly with energetically aware children, are energetically sensitive yourself, are attempting to integrate higher aspects of your consciousness or are ready to embody your full mastery, Awesomism may be just that place for you!

Our newest populations offer a great access point into profound self-awareness. They hold energetic information that is beyond what we have experienced, ever!  As we begin to understand them, we gain access to higher aspects of ourselves and as we know ourselves, we can see them for who they really are!

Unlike other supports for self-growth, Awesomism focuses directly on individual and group coherence (wholeness).  In our most coherent state, we are LOVE.  One individual who is coherent within themselves is a powerful agent of change!  A group of coherent individuals, with a common focus, naturally and organically creates that same potential within collective human consciousness.  That literally equates to the collective human experience of LOVE!

We look forward to you adding your energy to this mix!  Feel free to get started right away, by accessing our Free For You information.  Below you will find a variety of access points into Awesomism.  Enjoy!

Big Love and Blessings,


DATE: Jun 10, 2016
TIME: 11:00 AM PST 

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Please: post your questions below in comments


About Akhil Autism Foundation

Akhil Autism Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with NJ state. We believe every special child has chosen special parents to make a difference in life. Our strong philosophy is autism is not a brain disorder but is a medical disorder. Every child is unique and requires individualized intervention plan. Parents are the best judges and are the Key players in child’s progress.

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  1. Hi Suzy,
    What would be most beneficial to us both in support of Megan at this time?

  2. Akhil Autism Foundation

    Why are our kids up in the night and high during full moon times? What can we do help them during these cycles? Thanks!

  3. Hi Suzy
    1. Do u think when we label our children as autistics and put them under ASD it effect them energetically ?
    2. We all know the vaccines has some role in adding toxins in their system, do u feel when parents continuously think abt such damage it effects their Energy system negatively ?
    3.What small steps u will advice to parents to see Awesomsim in this energetically sensitive children?
    4.If we believe in universal law of FREE WILL and children hv chosen this life time for different personality , how to make peace with that choice from parent perspective 💜💜💜
    Love light and fun

  4. 1. One important lesson from my daughter , Lucy, during my journey from Autism to Awesomism is that my inner work in knowing all the aspects of myself and my own integration are the best way to support her own integration. Realizing Im able to tune in with her and that we have telepathic communication has manifested lots of possibilities for us to integrate together. I do not need to be worry of what is the new biomedical treatment for autism or the new diet. She always is guiding me in what specific essential oils she needs, or what meals she needs. Im just trusting in her on wisdom and I honor her in all levels. It this apply for all the collective children?

    2. What would be the best school setting for all the children, environment, teachers, activities, etc. ? And what program at home will create more easy, peace and motivates their intelligence?

  5. 1. What would be the best school setting for our energetically swnsitive children, environment, teachers activities, etc. and how to create a harmonious, peaceful and that motivate their genius mind environment or program at home for them?

    2. An important lesson that Ive learnt in my journey to Awesomism with my child is that my own work in integrating all aspects of myself and raising my energy frequency and vibrational state is a motivational force for my child to do the same. But I can not force how fast my child so it. And as she is very vast she needs to ground slowly. So, I do not need to worry about the thousands of treatments that are out there, but just tune in with her and manifest all that she needs, in food, supplements, natural remwdies or essential oils, and in type of communication and education. It is the sane for thw collective of the children?

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